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We propose giving extracts from an official report, following the “lrish Education Inquiry,” 1824, on the condition of the schools in Cavan, Meath, Monaghan and other counties. The persons entrusted with the inquiry wrote from Dublin on 16th September, 1826, and said in opening: May it please your Majesty, —We propose in this, our second report, to lay before your Majesty an abstract of returns which we obtained in the year 1824, from the Protestant and Catholic clergy in Ireland, of the state of education in their respective parishes. In the execution of the commission with which we were entrusted it was our first proceeding to address a circular form of return to the parochial clergy of the Established Church, and also to the Catholic priests, and to the several Presbyterian ministers; as it appeared to us desirable that an opportunity should be afforded of comparing information derived from sources independent of each other. Nor Have we been disappointed in the result, for although instances of disagreement will be found to occur, on the whole, they will have been fewer and less important than could have reasonably been expected in an undertaking of this, nature and the comparison of the several statements will increase the authority of each.

In order to give the strongest, sanction to the returns we have, in the exercise of the power committed to us by your Majesty, thought it proper to call on each person making them, to verify them by swearing that he had inquired with due and reasonable diligence into the matters contained in the return.

We regret that we cannot exhibit the returns made by the Presbyterian ministers in such a manner as to render them the subject of comparison with those obtained from the clergy of the Established Church and from Catholic priests. This, however, is not possible, as the limits of the Presbyterian congregations are not determined by parochial boundaries. (Signed) T. Frankland Lewis, J. Lester Foster, W. Grant, J. Glassford, A. R. Blake.

Townland, names of teacher, religion, income and description of school given in order respectively.

Parish of Bailieborough. 

Lisnalea: Hugh Higgins; Protestant: a house, an acre of land and 40/- per annum, given by incumbent and about £5 paid by the scholars; stone and mortar; from £12 to £15. 

Corglass: Rev Pat White; Presbyterian; charges, 27 guineas a year for boarders and 4 guineas a year for day scholars; held in the Sessions House on Presbyterian Glebe. 

Bailieborough: James Connel; Catholic; about £15; a room of the Session House. 

Tullyakuslin: James Smith; Catholic; about £12: Catholic; Chapel.

Drumacara: John Couldstone; Protestant; about £8; a room in a poor cabin. 

Dromore: Laurence Reilly; Catholic; about £8; a wretched barn; about £1 10s. 

Bailieborough: Launcelot Bell; Presbyterian: about £5; stone and lime; about £10. 

Bailieborough: Mrs Sarah Bail; Protestant; about £3; bad accommodation.

Lisball: John Hillis; Presbyterian; about £2; stone and lime. 

Lisgar: John Quail; Catholic; £10 to £12; stone and lime.

Tullinchen: Pat McCall: Protestant; about £5; stone and lime; £6 to £8. 

Augnahee: John Campbell: Protestant; about £8: built of sods; £3.

Leitre: James Clarke; Catholic; about £3 10s: built of mud.

Rakeevan: Edward Smith; Catholic; about £5; serves also for a barn and a cow-house. 

Relaghbue: Owen Gargan; Catholic; about £9; stone and clay.

Lurgan Bawn: Peter Rogers; Catholic; about £5: serves also for a barn and a cowhouse. 

Tyrorken: Philip Carolen; Catholic; about £16; the parish chapel.

Doon: James Moran; Catholic; about £6; stone and mortar: £2.

Monachanoor: Esther Newell; Protestant; about £4; stone and clay.

Parish of Knockbride.

Latchy: William Mahaffey; seceder; £13; very bad. 

Cullis: Miles Reilly; Catholic; £20; stone and lime. 

Killaliss: Francis Mullan; Catholic; £8; the Methodist Meeting House. 

Knockbride: Patrick McCabe: Catholic; £12; the parish chapel.

Corleck: Henry Carrol; Catholic; £16; a room in the master’s house.

Glassdrummon: John M’Cabe; Catholic; £20; a miserable one.

Turfaud: Patrick Smith; Catholic; £6; a miserable house. 

Rooskey: Lawrence Phillips; Protestant: £20; a bedroom in the master’s dwellinghouse. 

Tullawaltra: George Nichol; Catholic; about £8; a room in a farm house.

Pottlebrack: John Smith; Catholic; about £10; house 20 feet by 12.

Three Carvaghs: Hugh Clarke; Catholic; about £ 10; parish chapel.

Ardmone: William Saunderson; Presbyterian; about £10; master’s dwellinghouse. 

Tullylurkan: Aaron McDonald; Protestant; about £10; 23 feet by 9.

Parish of Shercock

Drumskea: Robert Wright; Protestant; £12 to £15; a good house; £10. 

Glaslick: William Hunter; not stated; £20 to £25; a thatched house. 

Crossmakulan: John Gargan; Catholic £8; thatched cabin. 

Nolagh: Philip Traynor; Catholic; £8; thatched cabin. 

Nolagh: James Comerford; Catholic; £8; thatched cabin.

Curravilla:  John Young; Protestant; £8; a thatched cabin.