Herb Lore

Many herbal remedies were used in times past. This handwritten Herbal Alphabet from the Dochas Schools Collection gives us a glimpse into some of those that were in common use. The piece was written by a pupil from the Model School in Bailieborough in 1937/38 and was told to them by Mr George Wilson, Beglieve, Bailieborough.

Herbal Alphabet

A is for almonds for coughs, colds, and chills.
B is for Barley it cures many ills.
C is for cabbage its good for the skin.
D rink Dandelion wine and you’ll never be thin.
E is for Elder it makes fine face cream
F igs cure toothache, if in hot milk they steam.
G is for Ginger its good for the gout.
H is for Honey it makes you grow stout.
I vy in vinegar makes a corn cure.
J elly from Carrageens is norishing and pure
K is a letter from which I will keep
L is for Lettuce eat this and you’ll sleep.
M is for Mint which is good for a headache.
N is for Nuts they a wholesome dish make.
O ats make fine porridge so highly nutritious.
P is for Parsnips when cooked they’re delicious.
Q is for quince which cures gumboils quite soon
R aspberries keep you from gout pains immune.
S is for Sage it is good for the hair.
T is for Thyme tea – an Asthma cure there.
U is for Ulcer to cure chew bramble leaves
V ervaim brings back lovers its never too late.
W alnuts you pickle – the vinegars good – if you’ve sore throat then use it you should

Find the original here: https://www.duchas.ie/en/cbes/5070821/5067378/5097992