by Carmel O’Callaghan

Dr. Mark Moore is mentioned in the Cancelled Rental Valuation Books. He was leasing a house (The Laurels) and dispensary from Thomas Chambers on the Virginia Road, this property was taken over by John Armstrong Johnston in 1860. Many more doctors would
later live there.

In September 1849, he was applied for the position as medical officer for the temporary fever hospital at Bailieborough. He lost out on the first round to Dr. McGahan and was eventually elected in October 1849 over Dr. Terence Daniel. (The Anglo-Celt, 7 September & 12 October 1849).

The following letter was received from Dr Moore, Medical Officer of the Workhouse, Cavan, 11th April, ’93.

Gentlemen I regret to feel it right to tender my resignation of my post as Medical Officer of Cavan Union, as my health is quite unequal to the performance of the duty faithfully as it should be done. I have held this, post since the year ’59, now 34 years. Before that I was in Bailieboro’, holding Fever Hospital and Dispensary from ’49. Considering long service, I hope the guardians will accede to my request for a retiring allowance— I remain Gentlemen, yours obediently

(The Anglo-Celt, 15 April 1893)

The Chairman

We are all I am sure very sorry at Dr Moore’s resignation. Mr. Philip Smith, J P—Yes, and I think on account of his services for so many years he should receive a ‘  retiring allowance—a suggestion I am certain no gentleman here taking
into consideration Dr Moore’s long period of service—will object.

(The Anglo-Celt, 15 April 1893)

Dr. Moore died in Farnham St. Cavan on 15 Oct 1898, his son Dr. Mark Moore Jnr. was present.