In the second issue of the Bailieboro Newsletter 1994 the Model school is featured. I wonder who remembers the Junior Infants and 6th class from 30 years ago? I also found the Pothole Terror! Read on to find out more.

Bailieborough Model School

Junior Infants Teacher – Barbara Lidwell

Bailieboro Newsletter 1994 - Issue 2
Photo Credit – Peter McConnell

Roseanne Turner – Coraneary,

Dale Notley – Corlurgan,

Mervyn Johnson – Woodview,

Calvin Daly – Institute Road,

Karen Shekleton – Carnalynch,

Lynn McKeague – Urcher,

Lisa Wedlock – Relaghan,

Laura Johnston – Latsey,

Naomi Byrne – Kilnacrew.

Ian Notly – Corlurgan,

Heather Nebitt – Cappy,

Naomi McElwaine – Lisgar,

Hazel McGuigan – Farthadreen,

Trevor Thompson – Tunnyduff,

Andrew Thompson – Mountain Lodge,

Glen Chambers – Wildview,

Gordon Clarke – Woodview,

Ian Martin – Adelade Road,

Rodney Fisher – Lisnalee.

6th Class – Teacher Mrs Betty Thompson

Photo Credit – Peter McConnell

The Pothole Terror

I have questions!

Did Martin Hannigan get elected?

Is that the same pothole we still need to avoid falling into?

Peter McConnell’s Bailieboro Newsletter was in its infancy in 1994, I wonder if he knew then just how many issues he would produce over the years, and how through his ongoing documentation of life in the the town he set the social history of Bailieborough down in its pages. It’s a wonderful resource and we owe him a debt of gratitude for giving us permission to archive his work and to feature it on our website. Read the full Newsletter below!

If you would like to browse through our archive of Peter’s Newsletters you will find it at the link below. We are still uploading newsletters as we scan and digitise them, but we are missing several. If you have some issues at home we would be grateful if you would allow us to scan them and add them to our archive for others to enjoy.

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